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Why Italian food is so popular ?

It may seem like a trivial question but seeing the multitude of Italian restaurants RND the world we wonder where does the success of Italian food comes from.

The reasons for this success are to be found back in time. Italian food started spreading throughout the world after the migration of Italians towards new countries and in the early seventies new Italian restaurants were open abroad. Mostly there were a family business managed "home-style" serving a regional and traditional cuisine. Many will have considerable success, especially in the United States and north of Europe, some not authentic restaurant adventures will help to give an erroneous view of Italian cuisine. The easy approach and simplicity of many dishes, made Italian cuisine reachable and affordable to everyone, for years and still today, for those who just don't care, Italian cuisine has been identify with pasta and pizza. Thanks to the hard work of many restaurateur, which in their heart wanted the world to know about real Italian food, the wrong image has been almost completly removed and today RND the world almost everybody knows at least one Italian dish. Let's say it, Italian food has conquer the world !

K factor

The K factor to explain this success is certainly made of centuries of tradition on producing gourmets food, from region to region all over the country, items that represent and identify the intere nation become part of the culture. Today Italy produce an enormous amount of gourmets food items. With the social and economical development of the country some of those product became "intercontinental" and entered in the menus of restaurants serving different cuisines. A special memory to all the grandmothers, they grow up in a time when italy was a poor country and with their respect and love they teach us our culture, transferring the knowledge and the ability of made excellence out of simplicity.

Chefs Rnd the Globe

Thanks to new generations of talented chefs, with knowledge of new techniques, was possible to take Italian cuisine to an higher level. So much that today, many prestigious hotels in the major cities of the world, have an Italian restaurant among their outlets, possibly with an Italian chef to fulfill the huge demand for this cuisine. Thanks to them and the great creative work that take place each day in their kitchen, we can say that Italian cuisine took over the importance of French cuisine. I have great respect for all colleagues who are struggling every day to get the original Italian products abroad to ensure the quality they want and thus contribute to the ongoing development of Italian cuisine. Thank you.